Rotosound Ultramag Guitar and Bass Sets

Premium nickel/steel alloy long scale roundwound strings.

• Higher magnetic content for more POWER, VOLUME and SUSTAIN • Low coefficient of friction to improve TUNING STABILITY in all environments • Corrosion resistant properties for LONGER STRING LIFE

Rotosound ULTRAMAG strings are manufactured on custom built machines designed and built in the UK. Computer controlled winding and tension control ensures consistent tension to bring you new and exciting sounds!

Sets are available in four-string 40-100, 45-105 and five-string 45-130 gauges for electric bass guitar.

“With a composition of 52 percent nickel and 48 percent iron, this highly magnetic string will certainly accentuate those middles and lows over their steel counterparts,” says Rotosound’s John Doughy. “Designed for use in the aerospace industry and high-end electronics, the low coefficient of expansion will help maintain tuning in wide-ranging environments. With its corrosion-resistant properties and its unique blend of sound it is truly a string for the discerning player seeking that extra tonal character.”

Ultramag Strings are available now