New in: The Rock Slide®

Not Just a Piece of Pipe!

Slide more – fret less!  Slide guitar is hard enough. The Rock Slide's signature tapered interior, knuckle cutaway and finger rest make it a little easier. The Rock Slide® is the original tapered interior guitar slide. This provides a small feeling slide that fits snugly, yet has great weight for tone. The slide is cutaway so you can bend your finger and not get pinched. Gain extra control and comfort with the dished finger rest.
The Rock Slide® Guitar Slide is the creation of Mark Morse, a guitarist who wanted more from a guitar slide. Morse found most conventional slides uncomfortable because they’d pinch the fleshy part of his finger when he’d bend his hand into playing position. That frustration led to experimentation with the shape of the slide and research on commonly used materials. What makes The Rock Slide® different is the way it’s shaped. The angled opening on one side of the slide is cut away to reduce pinching of your hand and finger. The inside of the slide is shaped to provide a better fit, so it will stay in place more snugly. The top (where the finger sticks out) is thicker and heavier. In addition, the flat surface on the opposite exterior end provides a comfortable rest between the slide finger and its neighbor.  
Depending on the dimensions of your fingers, the pinky and ring slides may fit on the top part of your finger, or all the way down to the base of your hand. It can be used either way, and the snug fit will provide better control. XS-L sizes are currently available – one for ring and pinky fingers, and another for middle fingers – plus The Rock Slide® is available in a variety of materials including brass, nickel, glass, and ceramic.

Our Top Picks


Polished brass slides


Moulded glass slides

Nothing short of cutting edge in the slide world; these slides feature everything you love about your Rock Slide like the tapered interior, finger rest & knuckle cutaway all in a flawless glass finish. They ALL feature a 4mm thick wall.

Polished brass balltip slides

This slide features everything you’ve come to expect from a Rock Slide® but now in a lap/pedal steel inspired ball tip, making this a combo slide for use on a variety of other instruments like Dobro or Lap Steel.

Aged brass Joey Landreth signature slide

Material Guide

Polished Brass & Nickel Plated Brass Rock Slides have huge sustain. Why so much sustain? Because the heart of The Rock Slide is the solid brass rod that is CNC carved to fit your finger. This particular brass formula is very heavy which is the best for tone and sustain. The walls are thick and get thicker towards the end of the slide because of the internal taper design. We intentionally added a tone ring at the fingertip end which adds mass and helps secure your finger. Like a Hawaiian tone bar cuts through the mix with more weight and mass, so does The Rock Slide. Aged Brass Rock Slides are all done by hand so no two look alike. There is no sanding, dinging, or scuffing involved so the surface is smooth, not scratchy. It’s a satin finish vs. the high gloss polished finish. It sounds the same as the polished version and the patina will wear off with use. Moulded Glass Rock Slides also have very thick walls because of the internal taper, in fact, the walls at the opening are 4mm and 6-8mm thick at the fingertip end. That’s about twice the thickness of a typical heavy wall glass slide at the end. A baseball bat has a sweet spot for hitting a home run, The Rock Slide® has a sweet spot too. While it is thick enough everywhere to light up the strings, the extra thick end almost acts as a gain knob which helps bring out the low notes, and makes for killer lead playing. Ceramic Rock Slides have an ultra hard/smooth finish similar to glass but produce more sustain and low end since they outweigh the glass, and even our brass slides.  They are much more durable than glass being made out of high heat industrial ceramic rather than coffee mug/studio clay.  Hi-tech injection moulding allows us to create the same tapered interior and other Rock Slide features you’ve come to love.